Ohio Valley Haunts
Reviewed 10/4/09
Mount Healthy Haunted Hall
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7700 Seward Rd / Mt. Healthy, OH
(513) 729-1974
Friday & Saturday 8 - 11 p.m.
Sundays 7 - 9 p.m
$10 - ($2 discount with canned good)
$15 Fast Pass (no discount)
Free Parking at Duval School (Compton Rd.)
MT. HEALTHY HAUNTED HALL As always, a frightening cemetery plays host for the queue line outside The Haunted Hall.  The old graveyard is home to a  hanged victim barely clinging to life, a spooky looking fountain of blood, and an undead body (animation) making one final attempt to escape its earthen tomb!  A skeletal watchman, guards the premises peering down from an upstairs window with illuminated eyes, and mysteriously waving a lantern back and forth beckoning visitors to the old, haunted house.  As you approach, siblings Little John and Sissy, anxious to engage customers in some of their favorite activities, argue back and forth with their Mommy who's stationed just outside The Hall.  Stepping inside, and avoiding their wicked version of recess, the exploration begins up an ominous looking staircase that's shadowed by a flying ghost.  Spooky music accompanies the ascent that leads to an unpleasant looking elevator that buzzes and thrashes about while dropping you into the depths of Hell, and a claustrophobic, face to face confrontation with The Devil himself, who forces you to bow down before him and crawl your way to freedom!  From there it's onto other demonic skirmishes that include a bloody shower scene, highlighted by a ranting encounter with knife wielding Norman Bates; then a torture chamber where a most unfortunate victim meets her demise at the hands of a heinous Executioner and his murderous ax; and finally a run in with the most notorious night stalker of them all, Count Dracula and his most recent, coffin bound victim!   The foggy, outdoor portion of the attraction is initiated by Zombies and other monsters, and includes jail breaks, spider infestations, Clowns enjoying a rapidly spinning floor, their brand new "Toyture" shop, and vortex.  Pitching a tent at Camp Crystal Lake certainly isn't an option as Jason Voorhees and a treacherous chainsaw lead a perilous chase into a chilling cemetery that hides a surprise containing mausoleum, and exits into the wedding reception of the recently widowed Bride of Frankenstein!  The course concludes with a traditional dark maze finish that's doubled in size this year in celebration of the 20th season, better known as Two Decades of Decay at The Mount Healthy Haunted Hall!

LENGTH - 9, Difficult to determine a precise time due to the uncertainty of the finish, but approximately 20 mins. with the addition of several new scenes and even larger maze.
ACTORS - 8, Return of The Executioner is a welcomed sight, as he and his victim, along with Norman deliver the best performances of the night!  Little John's antics are likewise rewarding and begin to unnerve patrons prior to even entering, however he and Sissy need to acquire some purpose inside the house itself.  Trademark Devil has a fantastic location this year, although he needs to step it up a notch and become a much more imposing figure.  Same goes for Dracula who should abandon the comedy.  In addition, there are still a number of undersized actors in primary scare roles, who could better be utilized as "victims," or elevated behind secret panels, etc..  A more threatening Jason would also be a plus.  Total Characters = 43. 
NOTE:  Upon revisiting 10/18, Dialogue is much improved!  Devil has acquired a much stronger personality, and Dracula is more concerned with delivering scares rather than comedy.  There's a larger, thus more threatening Jason on the job, and children are better utilized as well. 
SCARINESS - 7½, Appropriate background music complements the frights.  Actors are well hidden and deliver multiple timely scares in just about every scene.  Need to raise the intensity along the lines of The Executioner to better the score.
PROPS - 8, Good, scary décor, a few pneumatics, and some unique surprises you won't see anyplace else.  Spinning floor is most unique, and an annual favorite, as are elevator, Drac's coffin door, and secret maze passages.  Trademark dropping chandelier also makes a triumphant return.
DESIGN - 9, Flow is expecially good this year, and there are some fresh, new scenes as well.   Return of the chainsaw chase empowers the outdoor section of the course, which has been expanded again this season too.  They certainly make the most out of every inch of space inside The Hall itself, connecting scenes as closely together as possible.  Spinning vortex and floor are used to initiate a state of disorientation prior to entering the cleverly designed dark maze.  "Dead or Alive Funeral Home" is missed.
VALUE - 9½, An expanded course and no price increase for 2009 – still just $8 with a canned good donation!  The price can’t be beat considering the entertainment value!
RATING:  8, The Mount Healthy Haunted Hall is one of the best kept secrets in the business, and  perhaps the best non-profit haunt in existence – always enjoyable, and annually, one of our favorites!  Customers exiting the attraction described it as "scary" and "fun."  What better recommendation could you ask for? Go with a group, and ditch your friends in the maze!

NOTEThe Mount Healthy Haunted Hall is sponsored by The Madonna Council Knights of Columbus, and Boy Scout Troops 27 and 393.  Annual “Lights on" night for children is October 25th. from 6 to 6:45 PM before the haunted house opens at 7.  Cost is $5.00 for children and there's NO CHARGE FOR ADULTS.